Where to start for beginners


The idea of starting a fitness routine can be a little overwhelming for the beginner. Where do I start? What program do I do? What about supplements? Do I really need them? You might even be a little timid to try something new for fear of getting hurt. Well that’s ok because it’s a legitimate feeling and those are legitimate questions.

Here I’ll answer some common questions.

Where do I start? You want to start by getting your movements assessed. It’s important to figure out where your limitations are so you can start targeting those areas and avoid injury. Having limited mobility is a very normal thing believe it or not. The good news is, it is correctable. I would suggest setting up an appointment with a physical therapist and explain to them what you’re trying to do. I would also highly suggest you pick a physical therapist that works with crossfit athletes.

What program do I do? People are overly picky about programs. The best program is the one you believe in because it’s most likely the one you’ll actually put the effort into and remain consitent with. After all consistency is the most important factor in success. So check out our programming here and on other websites and find one you think you’ll enjoy. If you pick one and realize you don’t like it then go ahead and pick a different one.

Should I take supplements? Yes. You should take a whey protein shake after your workouts. It will help you see results and results are the ultimate motivator. Women tend to be less likely to drink a shake after a workout because there is this fear of bulking or becoming huge. I promise ladies, you will not get huge. You will however get tight, and I think you will enjoy that very much.

I’m afraid of getting hurt. If you’re afraid of getting hurt find some professional help. Sign up for a crossfit gym and take some classes. I didn’t start olympic weightlifting until I was 29 because I wanted to learn from someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

I’ve always ran to get in shape, why can’t I just do that? I would respond with another question. Why did you stop then? Because running is boring after long enough! Plus it’s not that great for you. Running here and there is fantastic don’t get me wrong but over the long-term it is a lot of wear and tear on your joints and body. You would do your mind and body some good by adding some strength in there too. Some of the most immobile people are the hard-core runners, and then when you add in some dynamic movement you have a recipe for injury. The goal should be freedom of movement without pain.