Session 1

45 minutes of snatch practice at CrossFit Murrieta. So basically a shit load of snatches.

Session 2
Worked up to a 5RM on bench. 185, 225, 245, 275. Then went back down to 225 and did two sets. 9 and 7 reps.

Worked up to a 1RM weighted pull-up. 53, 70, 95, 120, and finally a PR at 132 pounds.

2 sets of 53 pound weighted pull-ups. 8 and then 10.

4 Sets of 6 handstand pushups.

Day 66

Met up with someone I haven’t seen for a bit so we had a bro sesh.  Energy was high so we just kept putting weight on and snatching heavy.  I hit some good numbers for me which were 205, 215, 220, and 235 (PR).

Then we moved on to C&J.  I hit 235, 255, and 275.  I tried 290 but it just wasn’t in the cards today.

Lastly 3 sets of 3 back squat.  I did 325 to warm up, then 345 and finally 350 for a PR 3RM.


Session 2

5 rounds of

10 strict deficit handstand pushups

10 toes to bar

10 chest to bar pull ups.

Handstand pushups crushed me and my time was a terrible 27:34.  I was taking extra time to rest for the chest to bars because I really wanted to work on stringing them together faster rather than doing them slow like I usually do.

Day 63

Started off thinking we were only doing “Heavy 13” which is 5 minutes of max dead lifts at 315 followed by a 3 minute break and then 5 minutes of max front squats at 185. We ended up extending this by adding another 3 minute break and 5 minutes of push press at 135.

My total score was 139 reps.

51 Dead-lifts
45 Front squats (96)
43 Push-press

My previous PR for the dead-lift and front squat was 80, so to crush that by 16 reps made for a good day.

Day 62

Snatch 2 pulls 1 high hang. 145, 155, 165, 175, 185

Clean and jerk 10 sets of 1, started at 205 and went to 270. Took a jump up to 300, got the clean and failed the jerk.

Back squat 3 sets of 5. Lost my balance with 330 and dumped it. got the second set ok and then dropped to 325 for the last set.

Day 61

Session 1
Muscle up practice. Did miserable. Did a few sets on the rings just fine and then went to the bar and sucked at life. Eventually I just ended up doing a shit ton of pull ups and then lat pull downs.

Session 2
Warm up row for 5 minutes. Then 4 Sets of 500 meters. Set a PR on my first 500 with a 1:29.6.

Day 55

Snatch 1 x 10 started at 145 and worked up to 195. I missed a couple at 195 and then hit my last two. I’m really focusing on getting consistent between the 185 to 205 range so I’m not to worried about setting PR’s right now.

Clean 2 pulls and 1 hang from the knee for 5 sets. I hit a hang PR today of 265.

Push press 3 sets of 5. First set was 205 and second set was a PR 5RM at 215. On the last set I hit 4 but failed on the 5th at 215.

Back squat 3 sets of 5 at 325, 325, and 305.

Session 2
Good old Fran 21-15-9 of thrusters at 95 and pull ups. I PR’d and got a 3:02. It was the first time I was able to go unbroken on every set.

So I lost track…

During this new phase of weightlifting I slacked a bit on recording each day. I really can’t remember the specifics of what was done so I’m just moving on. I think I’m missing about 4-5 days of training in my log. The only thing I can say for sure is that at some point during those days I hit a PR snatch at 230 pounds. I also hit a 5 RM back squat of 335.