McGregor VS Diaz 2

I gotta say even though McGregor earned his “redemption” against Diaz, I still feel on some level he got punked. He lost some of his magic when during the third round he was literally walking away from Diaz with his back turned to him and his hands on his hips. It was a clear sign that he didn’t want anything to do with the fight anymore. To top it off I think he knew he was ahead on the cards and just gave up during the fifth round. Its difficult to demand so much attention and talk so much shit when you end a fight on your back getting beat up.

I for one vote for McGregor to go back to 145 and defend the title against Aldo. I really think that knockout was a fluke and I’d like to see them try it again. I’m not saying I think Aldo will win but I think it will be a much better fight this time.