It’s not for you?

Internal motivation is great but sometimes you have to think outside the box a little. How does your health or fitness effect the people around you? What did you look like when you first met your significant other? Do you still look the same? What is life going to be like when you’re 70 years old and your kids are adults? Did you give them a good example of how to live healthy? Are you a ticking time bomb for a stroke or heart attack? Imagine worst case scenario and you have a stroke. Now you are so incapacitated that someone has to bath you, change your clothes, serve your food, and maybe even change your diapers. I don’t think anyone really wants to complete the cycle of diapers to diapers (baby to elderly)

Then think about how you’re setting your kids up for their future. The food you give them and the amount of activity they get has a direct effect on brain function. If you’re sending them out the door for school with a bowl of golden grahams for breakfast or even worse no breakfast then how can you expect them to perform at their highest potential? These simple decisions have lasting results. The kid that struggles with school, and ends up not being able to move out when they get older may have been a result of poor nutrition throughout their childhood. If your “go to meal” is hot dogs and macaroni and cheese because you know that they’ll eat it because your “tired” and just want to get them to eat something. Then please walk over to the cabinet, and fridge, grab that shit and throw it away. Your kids deserve better than “tired”

So next time you’re smashing that cheesecake down. Think about the diapers.