First week of the intermediate program

Intermediate 4 week program

Week 1 results

3 rounds: 50 pistols (alternating legs 25 each), 50 pushups, 25 pullups @ 18:49

3 rounds: 25  kettle bell swings 70#, 25 burped box jumps @ 10:42

10 rounds: 10 clean and jerks 135#, 25 double unders @ 23:30

9-7-5 bar muscle ups and snatches 135# @ 11:00

8 rounds: 10 front squats 185#, 10 dead lifts 225# @ 17:15

So after completing week one I’m definitely ready to hit week two.  I’ve been missing lifting heavy and working on my oly lifting.  The most frustrating workouts for me were the 10 rounds of clean and jerks/double unders and bar muscle ups/snatches.  Mostly because I couldn’t get my rhythm on the double unders until the later rounds and bar muscle ups are one of my weaknesses.   Other than that the workouts went pretty well. How about you? Post times in the comments section.

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