Get well soon Andy

This is a new staple workout and is for my buddy Andy who just broke his leg in jump school.

weight is @ 135# for advanced and 95# for beginner

for time:
back squat x 30
clean and jerk x 20
snatch x 10
pistol x 5 each leg (one legged squat)

Andy's broken leg

Active recovery


clean and jerk x 5 every 3 minutes for 21 minutes @ 60-65%

2k row


lunges x 10 each leg
pushups x 10
jumping jacks x 20
squats x 10
pushups x 10

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day



front squat 12 sets of 2 @ 85-90% of 1 rep max

back squat 12 sets of 2 @ 85-90% of 1 rep max

circuit x 4 rounds

bulgarian split squat with weight or without its your choice x 10 each leg (thats where you have your rear leg up on a chair or bench and you’re doing a lunge with your front leg)

turkish getups x 3 each side

alternating single arm kettlebell or dumbbell snatch x 10 each arm


do the same circuit




1 Rep max


Take your time, warm up and have some fun. Today is all about building strength and getting your muscles to trigger more efficiently at heavy loads.

find your bench press 1 rep max, then do 8 sets of 2 @ 85%

find your push press 1 rep max, then do 8 sets of 2 @ 85%


find your 1 rep max for bench and push press. if you have time and you’re feeling good do a few sets at 80%

lets go heavy, and then make your legs explode.


snatch 5,5,3,3,1,1 75% 80% 85%

back squat 5,5,3,3,1,1

for time: back squat x 100 @ 135#


circuit x 3 rounds

box step ups x 10 each leg or 10 box jumps
reverse lunge x 10 each leg
pushup x 10
get up sit up x 10