It’s not for you?

Internal motivation is great but sometimes you have to think outside the box a little. How does your health or fitness effect the people around you? What did you look like when you first met your significant other? Do you still look the same? What is life going to be like when you’re 70 years old and your kids are adults? Did you give them a good example of how to live healthy? Are you a ticking time bomb for a stroke or heart attack? Imagine worst case scenario and you have a stroke. Now you are so incapacitated that someone has to bath you, change your clothes, serve your food, and maybe even change your diapers. I don’t think anyone really wants to complete the cycle of diapers to diapers (baby to elderly)

Then think about how you’re setting your kids up for their future. The food you give them and the amount of activity they get has a direct effect on brain function. If you’re sending them out the door for school with a bowl of golden grahams for breakfast or even worse no breakfast then how can you expect them to perform at their highest potential? These simple decisions have lasting results. The kid that struggles with school, and ends up not being able to move out when they get older may have been a result of poor nutrition throughout their childhood. If your “go to meal” is hot dogs and macaroni and cheese because you know that they’ll eat it because your “tired” and just want to get them to eat something. Then please walk over to the cabinet, and fridge, grab that shit and throw it away. Your kids deserve better than “tired”

So next time you’re smashing that cheesecake down. Think about the diapers.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like exercising, and how to overcome it.


Sometimes I find myself getting ready to go to sleep and think about how I want to have a great workout in the morning or the next day and then I wake up and I’m just not in the mood anymore. Thats when I tell myself its ok because I don’t have to have the best workout of my life. I’ll just go in there and warm up and see what I feel like doing. There have been tons of days where I have one workout planned and then end up scrapping the whole thing because in the end, I just didn’t want to do it. Here are a few things to think/do for your lazy days to hopefully get you going.

1. Anything is better than nothing.

2. Variety will save you from boredom.

3. A little caffiene can help you get moving.

4. Realize that working out is your time to get away from it all.

5. Think about the after feeling. People rarely walk out of the gym and regret having gone there.

6. If its peak hours and the gym is packed try finding an open space and do a simple 10 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of squats, pushups, or burpees in any combination.

7. Listen to some great music.

Why do I enjoy it so much?

Being addicted to fitness is kind of a double edged sword for me.  The further I deepen myself in this world the more I become seperated from certain people, and yet the closer I get to others.  When I first started paleo, people told me I had a “sickness”.  It was such a foreign concept to eat that way that others had a hard time understanding it, and they even compared it to anorexia.  I had a really hard time figuring out why it made others feel the way it did but honestly it didn’t matter, because I’d found something that just felt right for me.  My coach at work introduced me to Olympic weightlifting and I had a blast doing it.  Shortly after, by chance I stumbled on the Crossfit regionals.  I decided to take a trip and check it out.  The idea of competitive fitness instantly clicked to me.  My high school years were spent hidden away from everyone so I never took the opportunity to play sports or compete.  Now I finally had something to work towards.  It was also perfect for the natural introvert that I am.  I built a garage gym and I could tuck myself away and just be in the moment.  Let everything go and push myself to the breaking point, and when I was done I could open up and compare my stats to others.  It became a conversation starter.  “Whats your time for this or that”.  “Hey I just hit a new PR”. (personal record) Now through fitness I was opening up, and because of that it gave me something even more.  The chance to bring to others what I’ve learned.  To share that just because you’re a certain way now doesn’t mean you have to be that way forever.  That if you’re unhappy, it can change.   Fitness to me now has become more of a social evolution.  The days of going to the globo gym alone and in isolation are over.  Now its about “bro sessions” and husband and wife competing for the best “Fran” time.  It’s about having success together, and feeling better together.  Well thats my story and I hope you feel a little spark in your engine.  If you’re in the area and need a trainer I would love to help you achieve your success.  Thanks for reading.