7 sets of 3 deadlift. 385, 405, 425, 405, 385, 385, 365. Basically if I had a set where I lost neutral spine I lowered the weight.

Open workout 15.5
For time
27, 21, 15, 9 calories on the rower and thrusters at 95 pounds.
My time was 9:00 flat


Started things off with snatches. Didn’t really have a plan but I wanted to get some solid technique down. I did a ton of reps at 95 and then moved to 135. I did things like 5’s at high hang to 3 position. Just really focusing on speed and bar path. lastly I did a few sets of 3 position snatches at 155. I probably did snatches for 20 to 30 minutes.

Box jumps. I didn’t measure it but I did a few sets of 5 at a decent height, then raised it up and did 3’s. I’m not a very high jumper so its about time I worked at it.

Not for time
Alternating dip to upper arm support on boxes x 5 and 15 GHD situps for 4 sets.

For time
50 cal row
50 box jumps at around 35 inches (I didn’t measure it)
30 yard handstand walk
50 box jumps
50 cal row
My time was 18:26. I couldn’t string together more than 3 yards at a time on the handstand walk which is exactly why I made it 30 yards.