Day 66

Met up with someone I haven’t seen for a bit so we had a bro sesh.  Energy was high so we just kept putting weight on and snatching heavy.  I hit some good numbers for me which were 205, 215, 220, and 235 (PR).

Then we moved on to C&J.  I hit 235, 255, and 275.  I tried 290 but it just wasn’t in the cards today.

Lastly 3 sets of 3 back squat.  I did 325 to warm up, then 345 and finally 350 for a PR 3RM.


Session 2

5 rounds of

10 strict deficit handstand pushups

10 toes to bar

10 chest to bar pull ups.

Handstand pushups crushed me and my time was a terrible 27:34.  I was taking extra time to rest for the chest to bars because I really wanted to work on stringing them together faster rather than doing them slow like I usually do.

Day 64

Just did a bunch of singles on snatch.  I ended at 205. Then we did 30 clean and jerks at 135 followed by 30 snatches at 135 for time.  I got 7:25.