Day 16
Session 1
Worked my way up on snatch doing triples to warm up. I hit 198 on my first attempt and then put 220 on and missed it probably 6 times. I was damn close to getting it a couple times but today the barbell won. Then I did about 6 sets of overhead squats doing triples with 198 and eventually hitting it for five. My last set was at 220 which I did for two reps.

Session 2
Even walking over to the gym my legs felt tired from the first session but for whatever reason I wanted to get some heavy cleans in. I warmed up for awhile just doing 155. Then I put 205 on and did five. After that I put on 255 and did a triple and that just about sealed my fate for the rest of the night. I attempted 275 twice but had no juice. Then I did 4 sets of front squats at 225. First two sets were at 6 and then 5. second two sets I decided to do deep pause squats so they were 5, and 4.

Day 14
Session 1
Incline bench 16 sets of 3 every 30 seconds at 155 pounds focusing on speed.
4 sets of 6 strict handstand pushups. A movement I’ve been neglecting for way to long.
4 sets of 3-4 dumbbell bench at 110.
4 sets of 15 tricep pull downs (cable)
4 sets of 15 tricep extension (cable)

Session 2
Open workout 14.5
Thrusters at 95 and then bar facing burpee jump overs. Time was 13:40.

Day 13
Session 1
12 sets of 2 box squats every 30 to 60 seconds at 300. Focus was on speed.
8 sets of dead lift at 375 every 60 seconds. Did a double on the first and then singles after.
4 sets of 12 leg press at 325.
4 sets of 8 GHD with a 40 pound sandbag on my back.

Session 2
Good old games workout called the triple.
3k row, 300 double unders, 3 mile run.
My lower back was completely shot by the time I hit the half mile mark in the run. A miserable time of 48:32.

Day 12
Taking it easy today with some weightlifting work. Did a few cleans at 135 and 185. Then set up the blocks and did some jerks in sets of 3 ranging from 135 up to 245. I wanted to give my body a break so pacing was easy and we just had fun with it.

Day 11
Session 1
Started a new 3 week cycle for upper body so we worked up to a 1-3 rep max on incline bench. I eventually hit 235 for 3 and finally called it at 245 for 2. That was around our 11th set. Next we went over to flat bench and I did 4 sets at 225. I hit 10 reps for the first three sets but only got 9 for the last one. We rested for about 90 seconds in between each set. 4 sets of 12-15 lateral dumbbell raises, and finally 4 sets of dips 20,20,15,10 with about 60 to 90 seconds rest.

Session 2
There were 3 of us so we decided to do a team MetCon. We all started off with a 1k row each.
Next we had 4 stations. Each of us taking turns to complete the 125 reps together for each station before we could move on to the next one.
125 burpee box jumps
125 dead lifts at 225
125 hang cleans at 155
125 overhead squats at 95
And on top of that, every 3 minutes 20 double unders and a sled push of 250 pounds for about 40 yards must be completed. So basically every 3 minutes 2 guys had to leave the station and go do a sled push or double unders leaving just 1 guy back trying to get through whatever station you’re on. I started the 3 minute clock right after the 1k row and we finished the workout in 32:54.

Day 10
Session 1
Snatch practice. Started off light just messing around with 40 kilos. Really focusing on not jumping forward like my last session. Eventually went to 50 and then 60 kilos. Still just focusing on the basics. Sometimes I would do a snatch pull to hang snatch back down and repeat. I did that for nearly an hour. Next I went and worked on my bar muscle ups focusing again on pure technique. I noticed that when I went “hollow” I did a muscle up with about half the effort I had to use before.

Session 2
Rolled out, stretched and had a good long warm up. Then I did “Fran” 21-15-9 thrusters at 95 pounds and pull ups. Since I’ve gained about 10 pounds since my last go I definitely felt it. I was 14 seconds off my best and landed at a 3:34.

Day 9
Only one session today.
Did about 10 sets of dead lifts. Started with sets of 3 eventually hitting 385, 405 and finally 435. After that I did 2 single lifts at 455, and 475.
4 sets of 6-10 back squats with varying leg positions from wide to narrow at 245.
4 sets of 6-8 GHD with a 40 pound sandbag on my back.

Day 8
Session 2
7 sets of snatch. 5,5,5,5,3,3,3 at 155. Sometimes its good to video yourself because tonight I noticed I have a tendency to jump forward. Looks like I’ve got to work on my bar path a bit.