Day 16
Session 1
Worked my way up on snatch doing triples to warm up. I hit 198 on my first attempt and then put 220 on and missed it probably 6 times. I was damn close to getting it a couple times but today the barbell won. Then I did about 6 sets of overhead squats doing triples with 198 and eventually hitting it for five. My last set was at 220 which I did for two reps.

Session 2
Even walking over to the gym my legs felt tired from the first session but for whatever reason I wanted to get some heavy cleans in. I warmed up for awhile just doing 155. Then I put 205 on and did five. After that I put on 255 and did a triple and that just about sealed my fate for the rest of the night. I attempted 275 twice but had no juice. Then I did 4 sets of front squats at 225. First two sets were at 6 and then 5. second two sets I decided to do deep pause squats so they were 5, and 4.