My advice on fruit

I love fruit, and I especially love fruit in a smoothie, but its not always the right time to indulge in natures candy.  So here are some simple guide lines on when to eat fruit.


Its good to have a few pieces for breakfast because you’ve been fasting all night and there is some room in your muscles to store the energy from the fruit.  Its always a good idea to eat fruit after a workout if its available.  At that moment your body needs nutrients and the sugars to repair itself and start the adaptation process of strength.

The times when I actually avoid fruit are when I’ve been really lazy and not had much activity.  Some small pieces wouldn’t hurt but I wouldn’t even eat a whole banana or just scarf down half a watermelon.  I also avoid fruit right before bed because I actually treat fruit as a quick energy type food.  I eat it to gain quick energy or when I’ve just expended a lot of energy.  Otherwise that fruit could add up to too much sugar in your blood stream, and thats not a good thing.

So there are my simple guide lines that have worked for me.  Hopefully they can work for you too.