Repeat “back to heavy”


7 sets of 3 reps – weighted pullups

EMOM 10 chest to bar pullups for 10:00 minutes

2k row on the concept 2 rower

5 sets of 10 single arm dumbbell rows

5 sets of 10 barbell curls

2k row on the concept 2 rower


1 mile run

2k row


Why do I enjoy it so much?

Being addicted to fitness is kind of a double edged sword for me.  The further I deepen myself in this world the more I become seperated from certain people, and yet the closer I get to others.  When I first started paleo, people told me I had a “sickness”.  It was such a foreign concept to eat that way that others had a hard time understanding it, and they even compared it to anorexia.  I had a really hard time figuring out why it made others feel the way it did but honestly it didn’t matter, because I’d found something that just felt right for me.  My coach at work introduced me to Olympic weightlifting and I had a blast doing it.  Shortly after, by chance I stumbled on the Crossfit regionals.  I decided to take a trip and check it out.  The idea of competitive fitness instantly clicked to me.  My high school years were spent hidden away from everyone so I never took the opportunity to play sports or compete.  Now I finally had something to work towards.  It was also perfect for the natural introvert that I am.  I built a garage gym and I could tuck myself away and just be in the moment.  Let everything go and push myself to the breaking point, and when I was done I could open up and compare my stats to others.  It became a conversation starter.  “Whats your time for this or that”.  “Hey I just hit a new PR”. (personal record) Now through fitness I was opening up, and because of that it gave me something even more.  The chance to bring to others what I’ve learned.  To share that just because you’re a certain way now doesn’t mean you have to be that way forever.  That if you’re unhappy, it can change.   Fitness to me now has become more of a social evolution.  The days of going to the globo gym alone and in isolation are over.  Now its about “bro sessions” and husband and wife competing for the best “Fran” time.  It’s about having success together, and feeling better together.  Well thats my story and I hope you feel a little spark in your engine.  If you’re in the area and need a trainer I would love to help you achieve your success.  Thanks for reading.